issue 12


AN UGLY renaissance



It's been long time since we chatted and an even longer time since we presented a new issue! Sorry for the absence but, there are times in life when we are faced with a need to reflect on what we've built and what we want to create for the future. That is what we've been doing; deciding what it is exactly that we want to bring you and to rid ourselves of the frills that distracted us from it.

Ugly began as a concept to create a platform that connects audiences with photographers, designers, artists and story-tellers whom we found compelling and worth promoting despite recognition from the main-stream media outlets. We wanted to inspire you by their work and I think that got a little lost along the way. Our goal has been and remains to  be more authentic and individualistic than your regular outlets. To swim against the current instead of with it. To make something unique, meaningful and collectible. 

Today, we are proud to share with you the all new uglymag.com, rededicated to our mission and our vision. We hope you enjoy the new curated content that is more than ever focused on the culture of fashion photography and video story-telling.  As the days become shorter and the nights grow longer, we are pleased to bring you a new collection of editorials, columns, photos and videos to warm your nights and inspire your days. 

This month, we are excited to present new work by Gregory Keith, Steph Kirk, Michael Ori, Armand Sanchez, Dan Sammons, Nima Salimi, Alexandra Jane Welcome along with many more that we'll be releasing each week. Be sure to visit the entire site, leave your comments (good, bad or ugly) on articles, share with others and get in touch with us. 

Stay warm. Stay you. Stay Ugly.


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