Playlist 11.06.14

Mainstream or "radio worthy" music is a double edged sword. You can't help but like the stuff that makes you want to dance, or puts a smile on your face (despite your efforts to pretend you hate it). Yet you feel so guilty giving in to what the world deems as "good" music. Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off", for instance... I rebelled against the norm and refused to allow myself the pleasure of enjoying it. That is, until I had a really horrible day. Do you want to know what saved my mood from the darkest depths of hell? That's right, "SHAKE IT OFF". Therefore, I will never hold out on sharing my favorites that hit the radio waves. While I prefer a solid undiscovered hit... I can't help but love a good popular track in the midst of all my "I knew this band before you" listening. You may find this week's playlist to be a bit random, but aren't they all? That's what makes a these playlists work - you don't even need to shuffle, I do all the shuffling for you. Enjoyyyyyyyyy!