Holiday Cocktails: Iron Flip

by Caleb Canon, bar manager at The Rest (331 S. Main Street, SLC)
Photography by Joey Jonaitis with Studio Elevn

"Thus we live at sea; eat biscuit, and drink flip"

The distinction between "flip" and "eggnog" can be a little blurry. When i think of egg nog, i imagine a giant bowl full of a off white milky substance, lots of drunk relatives yelling things they will surely regret and can never take back followed by a day of bellyache. In fact, eggnog is slightly more elegant than that ill holiday picture.

A very peasant approach to making a mixed drink, flips date back to 1695. The concoction consisted of rum, beer and sugar. A red­hot iron was put in the mixture to create froth, or "flip" it. Over time, as more and more sugar was added whole egg and spice is introduced. The red hot poker eventually went away and we introduce ice. It was said the addition of cream is what makes this fun holiday drink "egg nog" but really, this is optional. So, to clarify, a flip is: spirit, spice, sugar, egg (cream). Try this tasty variation to entertain your guests during the holidays:



  • ­Bourbon 1.5 oz
  • Cynar .5 oz
  • Sugar .5 oz
  • ­Cream .5 oz
  • ­Whole egg
  • Nutmeg


  •  Shaking tin
  •  Jigger
  •  Hawthorne Strainer
  • ­ Glass (sour glass or a wine glass)
  • ­ Microplane


  1. Crack whole egg in large tin
  2. Put all ingredients in small tin
  3. Shake vigorously (without ice) to emulsify
  4. Add ice, shake vigorously
  5. Strain into glass
  6. Grate nutmeg on top
  7. Drink



Notes: Use a good bourbon! I like to use Buffalo Trace or Old Forester. These are reasonably priced and easy to acquire. Cynar, one of my favorite amari, can be tricky to get your hands on here in Salt Lake, so feel free to sub this for Zucca or Averna. You will need whole nutmeg and a microplane for the garnish (this really completes the drink) in a pinch you can use ground nutmeg.

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