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Okay, now that you have had sufficient time to recover from your New Year's festivities, make one of your resolutions to read more and grab James Reiss's new book The Novel. Check out the review below and share your thoughts on your favorite poems on the comment thread at the bottom of the page. Stay Ugly.

The Novel
by James Reiss
Released January 1, 2015 

Whatever happened to Poetry? I’m not talking about that ancient text by Shakespeare that has to be decoded with a latin dictionary, but plain spoken rhythmic lyrics. We all lead pretty busy lives and often lose time to read. This book is great because it is something you can read while you are on the subway, waiting in line for lunch, or pretending to read your work emails. ;) The Novel is said to an underground breakthrough of poetry that will get your toes tapping and your feet moving- you’ll be pleased to have picked up.

Keep reading and stay Ugly!


Kate Taylor