Playlist 12.10.14

I know what you're thinking - "Is that Dan Humphrey?" YES. Yes, that is Dan Humphrey on the photo above (aka Penn Badgley). He just so happens to be in the group MOTHXR, who you will find streaming from this particular list of tunes. You're welcome. 

This playlist is long overdue, and rather than going into an uninteresting and unnecessary explanation as to why I have withheld my wonderful taste in music from you, I'm just going to throw it right in your face. Or I suppose right in your ears... Generally I try to keep these lists to a mellow 15 tracks but I find myself wondering WHY?! Why would I stiff you out of the goods if I've got them. I do the hunting, you do the listening. It's a win-win for you, if I do say so myself. Without further adieu, your new weekly playlist - back and better than ever. I know you missed me, xoxo GOSSIP GIRL (just kidding - xoxo jruss).