A true professional will look at your head of hair as an artist looks at a blank canvass. 

When I was young my father and I would frequent a barber shop where we would both get our hair cut. It was a one man operation. The barber knew us by name and knew how we liked our hair. It was a treat for me, feeling all grown up walking out of the shop with a bit more confidence and ready to take on the world.


Stepping into Garrett Michael’s barber shop in downtown Salt Lake City floods my mind with memories of those days. Familiar faces and soothing folk music welcomes you with open arms. 

Garrett Michael’s is a traditional barber shop that is not only about cutting hair but making their customers feel pampered. Their three professionals Daniela Marroquin, Stefahn Looney and Marshall Aune, take great pride in their work. When Stefahn begins a cut he analyzes what’s going on with their current cut, whether the prior cut was done by someone else or himself. He assesses their bone structure, their hair type and sculpts the canvass into something he and the customer can both be proud of. Garrett Michael’s is a full service barber shop where after your hair is meticulously cut you receive a hot towel wrapped around your head. Breathing in the steam from the towel is meditative and refreshing. After the hot towel you receive a hot lather neck shave followed by a culminating shoulder massage, an experience every man should indulge in.

They have an exceptional way of accomplishing barber shop tradition by coupling it with modern artistry. Keeping the heritage and style alive that began in the early 1900’s. Garrett Michael’s barber shop has accomplished mixing that creative aspect with modern fashion.

The appeal of your freshly groomed head of hair or beard will scream to the world the importance you attach to yourself. “You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort, and money into training, grooming, and encouraging your greatest asset.” - Tom Hopkins

You can check out Garrett Michael’s at or drop in at 435 East 300 South, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

*All photos taken by Kenneth Styles

Jenna Russell