Guide to Downtown SLC :: Coffee Shops

Hi! You're reading a weekly column in which my friend Beatrice and I will be highlighting our favorite spots in downtown Salt Lake City. These are places we spend way too much (by which I mean the exact right amount of) time and money. Check back every Friday to see our picks for new categories, and discover (or rediscover) some favorite things and places. 

Our first category is coffee shops, which was an arbitrary choice, but we did meet in real life for the first time at Nostalgia, so it's only fitting. 

Beatrice's Pick: The Rose Establishment

When it comes to eating out, the ambience is nearly as important, if not more so, than the food and drink itself — and coffee shops are no exception. A Salt Lake staple, The Rose Establishment pretty much wrote the manual on HIP, HAPPY VIBES. From the white tile walls to the beautifully designed menus, this place screams pleasantries. Be aware, however, this is a zero-wifi joint, a fact The Rose takes much pride in, so come prepared for some chess and good old-fashioned human conversation.

Try the French press of the day or a tasty pour-over, and pair it with a macaron from the case of pastries made daily, in-house. Or if you’re feeling hungrier, grab the toast with avocado topped with fleur de sel, and a cup of soup. Sip a cold-brewed iced coffee on the patio this summer and feel like an absolute queen.

Whatever it is you’re looking for in a coffee shop, The Rose has it. Stop in on a leisurely Sunday morning for tea lattes with good company, or during the week for a midday snack. Say hello to the friendliest staff of baristas in Salt Lake and have the most delicious day ever. Your wildest coffee dreams are about to come true.

Jamee's Pick: caffe d'bolla

I used to be one of those unseasoned white girls who would only drink coffee if it came with equal parts soy milk and vanilla flavoring. The kind of coffee-drinker that hobbyists hate, and aggressively roll their eyes at after hearing them place an order. When I said, "Let's get coffee!" I really meant, "Let's go to Starbucks and get a chai!" 

I'm happy to report this all changed the day I took my first sip of a caffe d'bolla americano. I drink it black, because I genuinely prefer it that way. Comparing a gas station drip coffee to the espresso that John Piquet serves at his brightly lit shop on 400 S is like comparing your six-year-old niece's watercolor creation to a Monet. I guess they're both technically art, but...

If you're ambivalent towards coffee, or think you genuinely don't like it, please go to d'bolla and reevaluate your opinion. Alternatively, if you think you love coffee and haven't had a cup from d'bolla yet, I can't even count the number of ways in which you're missing out! You're never just handed your coffee. You learn where the beans came from, as well as which flavors to expect at the beginning and end of your cup. (This is to say nothing of their vast selection of bubble teas, which are another one of my favorite things in the city. I recommend the honeydew flavor!)

They serve cute little cookies and pastries, play classical music, and offer free wi-fi. It's an ideal spot to read a novel, or work on homework. As an added bonus, it's directly next door to Cathedral Tattoo, and more often than not their artists come out and take smoke breaks on the patio they share with d'bolla. Sipping on an iced americano while having a conversation with some of the most talented people in the city is a fine way to spend a Salt Lake City summer afternoon.

Words by Beatrice Poulsen (@thegraveyardgirl) and Jamee Sailor (@sailorjamee)

Photos by Angie Petty (@apettyphoto)

Jamee Sailor