Guide to Downtown SLC :: Breakfast

Beatrice's Pick: Caffe Niche

Not to sound like every other middle-to-upper-class white girl, but weekend brunch not only feeds my soul, it’s a lifestyle. So it goes without saying that I’ve devoted many Sundays to finding the perfect brunch, and unless you hate house-made jam, locally farmed eggs, bottomless coffee, and straight up happiness, then I think you’ll agree that Caffe Niche tops the list.

If you’re like me and become fairly miserable during the hotter months, and the only thing that gets you out of bed in the morning is knowing patio season is upon us, be sure to grab a table on Niche’s Patio to Conquer All Patios. Start the day light with the quiche of the day, or send yourself into a delicious coma with the bread pudding french toast. While their tastiness is served through the evening, it’s the breakfast menu that will keep you coming back. Liiiike, at least once a week. (me)

Serving the perfect balance of taste, quality, aesthetics (S/O to Instagram), and affordability, Niche is...your home away from home. Your new favorite hang. It’s a cool kid’s club you can be a PART OF! Now go forth and brunch.

Jamee's Pick: Vertical Diner

Sometime's you have to go with the obvious choice. In the case of Salt Lake City's best vegan breakfast, Vertical Diner takes the top spot pretty easily. (Although it should be noted that if Sage's Cafe served their weekend brunch during all of their business hours, I'd be there weekly for Ian's Favorite Breakfast.) 

Every recipe at Vertical is tried and true, they just don't fuck around. It's every carb you could ever want out of a breakfast experience: pancakes, hash browns, burritos, biscuits & gravy. Add freshly made guacamole, homemade cheese sauce and sausage, and you'll start to understand why I can't get out of this place without (happily) eating way too much. The Avalanche and the Breakfast Burrito are pictured below. Highly recommended to cure hangovers, impress vegans you may or may not want to date, and when you are bored of your old, regular breakfast spots.

Most importantly, Vertical serves their full breakfast menu during all business hours. So you can have a giant stack of chocolate chip pancakes at 9 PM on a Sunday if you feel like it. And I'm pretty sure you feel like it. 

Words by Beatrice Poulsen (@thegraveyardgirl) and Jamee Sailor (@sailorjamee)

Photos by Angie Petty (@apettyphoto)

Jamee Sailor