As a photographer & Art Director, I'm always searching for inspiration, stimulations, something new, fresh, and awaking, as I'm sure most other artists are. This is where we get to MuseLyfe, a perfect storm of interaction between artists of many mediums; connecting, creating, collaborating, or just admiring the creations of it's creators- Brittany Ann Ryan & Bekka Gunther. 

I had the opportunity to ask Brittany a few questions about herself and the origin of MuseLyfe.


Armand:  First off, give us a little bit of history about yourself. What you do, where you're from, and such..

Brittany: First and foremost, I am an Artist of many mediums. I need to curate, develop, and change constantly. If I cannot, I suffer like most artists. I am originally from Seattle, the beautiful evergreen state but now reside in California, paying a high price for the sunshine. 

Armand:  MuseLyfe- What is it to you and what do you hope it will be to other people?

Brittany: MuseLyfe is a way of lyfe, a culture, a way for an artist to connect, to plug in or better yet check out. My business partner, Bekka Gunther and I put no restraints on what MuseLyfe is or what MuseLyfe will be, we will continue to produce art and visual stimulation to our believer’s and sculpt this little diamond we call MuseLyfe.  

Armand:  What inspired you to create MuseLyfe? 

Brittany: MuseLyfe was born while I was living in China. Like many of my ideas, it was out of thin air, a vision, a thought which developed into a need. No intentions, I just wanted to be an advocate for something I believed in and there was MuseLyfe, an uncut diamond that could take any shape. 

Armand:  How did you and Bekka Gunther connect and how did this project manifest between you two?

Brittany: It wasn’t until I returned from China when Bekka came over to spend the night, I began to tell her about my vision for MuseLyfe and lets just say, we had “Brain Sex” and we continue to do so.

Armand:  What are your future plans for Muselyfe? Expansion? Collaborations?

Brittany: MuseLyfe will develop into whatever it is supposed to be, I refuse to limit it, or label it rather. Right now, its stimulating the people, so we will continue to allow that. Collaborations are necessary, I am happy to report we have some amazing artists lined up that are eager to produce content under MuseLyfe.

Armand:  Do you have any other projects in the works other than Muselyfe?

Brittany: Yes. Of course but not ready for release just yet. 

Armand:  What do you watch, eat, read, and listen to that keeps your creativity/inspiration burning?

Brittany: I don’t watch TV as I have no time. I love Philosophy though, Alan Watts or Lao Tzu, both amazing. 


I'm excited to see what this project becomes with time... in the mean time, check them out:

You can follow MuseLyfe on Tumblr here: Instagram: @themuselyfe

You can also follow Brittany on Instagram: @brittanyannryan

Armand Sanchez