Musique Du Jour :: BANKS

It is with absolute delight that I bring to you the Ugly Song Of The Day! When it comes to music, I tend to over-share. To quote the famous Russell Hammond, "I dig music", plain and simple. I want the world to know how good something is, because when something is that good, it deserves to go viral. The only issue there is, when they blow up I become a mega-hipster and instantly start shouting obscenities, crying out, “screw you guys! I knew this artist before you even knew how to [insert overly exaggerated assumption here – go crazy with this one]”. However, I have turned a new leaf and approached the bright light of giving. I’ve got a knack for this shit, music is the only thing I can confidently say will take a “Monday.” and make it a “Monday!!!!!!!!” You feel me?

She gave it all, you gave her shit. She coulda done just anything, or anyone, cause she’s a goddess. You never got this. You put her down, you liked her walk around, feeling unnoticed. You shoulda crowned her, cause she’s a goddess, you never got this.
— BANKS :: Goddess

SO, for my first song, I have to start with someone who I consider to be my spirit animal. Someone whose lyrics are undoubtedly some of the most powerful I've ever heard, they ring so true that you can’t not fall in love with this gem. She makes you want to be appreciated. She makes you feel empowered. She makes you want to go out and get it. She makes you FEEL. Not to mention, she is foxy as hell. Ladies and gentlemen, the newest release from the glorious BANKS, "Drowning".