Musique Du Jour :: Lolawolf

So Lenny Kravitz, he’s cool and all… but he’s got a daughter named Zoë Kravitz who might be a tad cooler. I’m betting you already knew that, though. Well, it turns out she’s the lead vocalist in a band called Lolawolf. The actress-by-day singer-by-night never even had intentions of the music being heard. In fact, when the music was first released no one knew who it was, until eventually her lusty voice was recognized. Fun facts, huh? For today’s SOTD I’m showing you the group’s newest release, Jimmy Franco. When the song gets going, it’s a badass little beat. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s got Pretty Boy A$AP playing her counterpart. Enjoy!

I feel that feeling, I feel I’m coming down. But for some reason I come around, come around. I know that feeling. I know what’s going down... But for some reason I’m still around, still around.
— Lolawolf