Guide to Downtown SLC: Sandwiches

BEATRICE'S PICK: Gourmandise

When I was little I was obsessed with the idea of being a “regular” at a restaurant. To be like, “I’ll get my usual!” after being greeted by name as soon as I walked in. Last year I moved in up the street from a happy little cafe called GOURMANDISE and as it turns out, this is that place. It also turns out Gourmandise whips up some of the tastiest sandwiches in Salt Lake.

My go-to choice, and the Gourmandise staff would probably vouch for me here (S/O to the server who always hooks it up with the biscotti), is the Smoked Turkey California, complete with bacon, avocado, and the most delightful pesto aioli. If you’re not into meat, do the Manhattan Vegetarian, which is equally filling and delicious. Enjoy it outside on the patio and sip an Arnold Palmer...a ritual with which I’m all too familiar, as my mom and I are here at least once a week. In addition to serving A+ sandwiches, Gourmandise is an award-winning bakery, so if you’ve got the time, stay for a tiramisu or choux a la crème with coffee.

Salt Lake is full of rad, local spots to eat and hang out, but it’s nice to have that one place that sort of feels like your own. Make sure you block out a few afternoons this summer to spend at Gourmandise. Maybe this will be YOUR next place. Happy sandwich-ing!


One of the snobby downtown girl jokes I like to make is that I don't go past 2100 South for anything, ever. It's almost true, except for a few restaurants that are so good, it's worth getting in your car or finding public transportation to get there. At the top of this list is Oh Mai, a Vietnamese spot famous for their bahn mi. They also have pho, rice bowls, vermicelli noodles, and fresh spring rolls.

The fact that they have 10 different bahn mi sandwiches to choose from, and the fact that you can substitute a lettuce wrap for the bun to make it gluten-free, or the fact that there are two vegan options all comes behind the most amazing part of the Oh Mai bahn mi experience: the price.

My favorite, pictured below is the S4 Vegan which has roasted rice powder, potato, bean thread noodles, cucumber, cilantro, pickled carrots & daikon, jalapeño, and Kikkoman sweet dressing. This beautiful creation is only $3.98. And before you say, "But Jamee, that's because your sandwich is full of vegetables alone!" I'll tell you the shredded pork bahn mi is the same price. You can even get a sunny side up egg bahn mi for $2.88. Check your car for change and you've probably got lunch at Oh Mai covered!

My favorite combination is sharing a bowl of pho and a bahn mi with someone real cute. Their somewhat new outside patio is also extremely Instagram-able. To recap: this is a local business, serving a wide range of dietary needs, at an insanely reasonable price, all in front of an aesthetically-pleasing backdrop. What more could you possibly want?

Words by Beatrice Poulsen (@thegraveyardgirl) and Jamee Sailor (@sailorjamee)

Photos by Angie Petty (@apettyphoto)