Musique Du Jour :: The Kooks

You might find that as I post more songs, I have a lot of “favorites”. The truth is, I do. When someone asks me “who’s your favorite band/what’s your favorite genre” it’s like asking for a press conference. Never ask me that question unless you want me produce an entire symphony of my own, I do love that question though… Anyway, I’ve got to share with you something from one of my truest of true favorites; a newbie from The Kooks that is knocking my socks off. Their previous album didn’t excite me as much as I can tell this one is going to. Take a listen to their new single “About Town”; I really think they are going back to the beginning stages of their career with this one, less pop more rock. I can’t wait for the full album, I can tell it’s going to be one of their best.