Guide to SLC :: Thrift & Vintage


There’s a stereotype that comes along with most higher-end vintage and consignment shops, and that’s pretension. They’re treated sort of like a museum, in that you can’t touch or photograph anything. Some can’t even be bothered by the too casual and undereducated public. I was pleased to find out The Green Ant is very much an exception. The shop’s curator Ron was pleasant, kind and glad to have us stop by. His pup Hana even made an appearance.

I first came across The Green Ant a few years ago, when the back of the shop was the home of Misc. Boutique, one of my favorite vintage clothing retailers. The space could very well be a snapshot from a magazine, it’s been curated so beautifully. A Broadway staple, The Green Ant specializes in mid-century modern home pieces — everything from the more minimalist, sleek, and even slightly futuristic pieces from the 50s, to a more pop art style furniture from the 60s and 70s. The space is shared with Tomorrow’s House, whose product focus is the same, so this is the ultimate stop for your mod decor needs.

The Green Ant isn't somewhere you can just walk in and drop off your shitty old couch calling it “vintage”. It’s thoughtfully curated, and is strictly mid-century modern. Next time you’re strolling 300 South, make sure you stop inside and learn something you didn’t know about art and history. Or just steal some tips on styling your apartment. Either way.

JAMEE'S PICK: Pib's Exchange

It says a lot that I couldn't leave Pib's without buying two things. I visited for what was supposed to be a "business" outing (to style and take these photos) but I also happened to find the perfect vintage wallet and an $8 dress

The selection at Pib's looks like a mashup of Decades, Uptown Cheapskate and your local Goodwill. You're equally as likely to find a wrap dress from 1972, a pair of H&M overalls from last year, or an oversized 90s band shirt. There's something here for everyone, truly. They also have an entire section of costumes, wigs, and stripper heels. Pib's is at its busiest in October, but it would be a mistake to wait until then to check it out. All of my most complimented secondhand items (and firsthand thigh highs and garter belt) have been purchased at Pib's. 

The outfits I styled Beatrice in show their range of clothing, from the casual jacket and tank top combination to the structured dress and belt. You'd be hard pressed not to find something you want in this local gem of a store.

Words by Beatrice Poulsen (@thegraveyardgirl)

Words and styling by Jamee Sailor (@sailorjamee)

Photos by Angie Petty (@apettyphoto)

Jamee Sailor