Musique Du Jour :: G-Eazy

Let's set the record straight, rap is my usual music of choice. If I could, I'd shove rap down your throats every single day. Lucky for you, I've got a wide range of musical taste buds so I can share a good selection with you on the regs. For my first piece of rap genius, I'm giving you a track from G-Eazy. For some reason I find every song this guy does to be smooth as hell and just plain sexy. I don't often use the word "swag", but I believe if you looked it up in the dictionary, G-Eazy would be the definition. I've got his new album, "These Things Happen" on repeat, so it was so difficult for me to narrow it down to just one favorite. Have a go at his track "Been On" and I bet you'll like it so much you'll be after the rest of his stuff... New and old. HIT IT!