Musique Du Jour :: Smokey Joe & The Kid

Hip-Hop-Electro-Swing; it exists and I'm obsessed. I love when multiple genres can be mixed together to create one insanely cool genre. I'm absolutely a fan of all three but never did I anticipate stumbling upon this trifecta. Smokey Joe & The Kid are a duo from Bordeaux, France... "Smokey Joe (Bordeaux’s main musical mafia head) and The Kid aka “Senbeï,” (cheekyParisian master of Turntablism), transport us back in time gangsters run streets of 1930’s Chicago. A dangerously efficient mix of hip hop, electro and old Swing, that even 2Pac and Al Capone couldn’t say no to…" A description so accurate I honestly couldn't have said it better myself. Here's one of my favorites from the "The Grand E.P." titled "Monkey Business".