Guide to Downtown SLC: BAKERIES


Tucked neatly behind the Leonardo lies the most darling patisserie you could ever imagine, and its name is LES MADELEINES. Owned and operated by chef and world traveler Romina Rasmussen, this French-inspired cafe is every pastry lover’s dream.

Though I would recommend literally every item Les Madeleines produces, what is really essential to your life is the Kouing Aman. This buttery, flaky piece of heaven is grueling to make, costs nearly six dollars apiece, and is WORTH EVERY DOLLAR, SWEAT, AND TEAR. The bakery has been featured in countless publications and even on the Food Network for this pastry alone. In addition to the Kouing, Les Madeleines whips up dozens of other sweet creations including the always trendy, but oh so delicious french macarons, or “buttons”. They take pride in their use of slightly more unusual flavors like jasmine and rose. You can also choose from a simple, but tasteful breakfast and lunch menu.

Whether it’s a coffee-and-a-pastry date with yourself, your mom, or your hot neighbor you’re trying to impress with your knowledge of local bakeries, Les Madeleines is your spot. The patio is open and in full swing, and Kouing Aman are in abundance! …And by that I mean they are typically sold out in a few hours. So CALL AHEAD.


When it comes to feeding my pastry craving, Tulie Bakery is my go-to choice. With their grand assortment of cookies, cakes, macarons and morning buns flaked to perfection.. how could it not be? During my most recent visit, I chose a sticky bun topped with pecans, as well as French press from the always impressive Charming Beard. One thing that makes Tulie so unique is their use of fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.

Located near the 9th and 9th district, the bakery is highly accessible whether its customers are on foot, bicycle, or public transit.

When I’m spending a good chunk of time in a shop like this, the interior design becomes way more important. At Tulie, you can expect to find an excellent combination of sleek steel chairs complimented by beautiful wood tables. HIP, to say the least. Going with their minimalistic theme, the signage and graphics inside the bakery are very pleasing to the eye as well. 

So take on Tulie Bakery for your next carb indulgence. You won't be sorry.

Words by Beatrice Poulsen (@thegraveyardgirl)

Words and photos by Angie Petty (@apettyphoto)

Beatrice Poulsen