Musique Du Jour :: Bleachers

Look out your window. Do you see a young John Cusack standing outside holding a boombox (or bluetooth capable jambox)? If he were, he would totally be playing this song. Step outside, do you see a race that suddenly enters into slow motion just as the two runners in the lead are about to cross the finish line? So slow that you can see the sweat dripping down their faces. If you did, this song would be playing. Roaming the halls at school, or work, do you perhaps see the pretty, popular girl just on the brink of falling in love with the nerdiest guy around? The moment they finally kiss... This song, yes, this song would be playing. 

These are just a few scenarios that have played in my mind as I've listened to this song. It feels so heavily influenced by the 80's, how could I not get caught up in scenes from classic teen flicks that defined a generation. You're not allowed to listen to this song without getting caught up in the idea of a happy ending for the underdog, I'm telling you.