Moments :: Brooklyn, NY

Salt Lake City is home to many artists, innovators, and leading creatives. A group among these that definitely deserves recognition is Ori Media/Studio Elevn. Led by founder Michael Ori, this team continues to create film work that leaves a lasting impression.  

Ori Media has recently teamed up with Canon to showcase their 4k 'From Light to Ink' workflow using the Canon 1DC and ImagePROGRAF printers. A process where high quality still images are pulled straight from 4K video to produce large scale prints.

Ori Medi & Canon will be holding an event called Moments in Brooklyn, NY at the Made in NY Media Center on August 18th to showcase what they can do with these tools through a inspiring gallery & film. You can register for the event here

Press release for the event can be found here.

Here's a look at their first production log for Moments....

See you there NY!