Playlist :: 08.18.14

Happy Monday, my pretty little Uglies! I am here to shove fifteen more songs into your faces in hopes that you will let them serenade you softly (or loudly, because the louder the better let's be real. Does it get any louder than eleven? No? Fine) throughout your weekly adventures. 

1. You Made Your Bed (So Lay In It) - Travis Garland

I love a good anger fueled song that sounds so sexy that you can't help but forget what you were even angry about to begin with. One minute I'm yelling "YOU MADE YOUR BED!" the next I'm whispering "but like, let me lay in it with you".... So conflicting.

2. Down and Out - The Griswolds

This song reminds me of something you'd hear at Coachella as you jump up and down with a crowd of people, in that wretched awful heat. Some might call it "hipster music" you know, that indie-alternative stuff. To me it's a fun transitional track from summer to fall, just a happy little tune.

3. Symmetry - Gabriella Climi

Honestly I could have put any song of hers on here and felt the same about it. Plain and simple, her voice is a gift from the raspy gods.

4. Figure It Out - Royal Blood

I like all kinds of rock music, but rock that is just a touch heavy on the guitars tends to really put me in that "LET'S DO THIS" mood.

5. Closer - JMR

A sexy little track that makes you want to get closer. What else did you expect?

6. Goldmine - TeamMate

For some reason this band sounds a bit like The 1975 to me, and that is always fabulous. It's a carefree jam that I think is best played while driving with the windows down.

7. So High - Wiz Khalifa (feat. Ghost Loft)

Let's be real, Wiz Khalifa is the absolute shit. His attitude and constant state of "highness" really set him apart from the rest (see his vine account to fully understand). I was thrilled when I heard that he took one of my favorite tracks by Ghost Loft and completely made it his own. 

8. Somewhere Else Tonight - Mansions On The Moon 

Anything that gets a bit dancey is always fun. This one has got me dancing in the midst of all of that dreadful LA traffic on the regs. 

9. Ghost - Ella Henderson

Girls, this one is for you. Such an upbeat power ballad, yet another song you have just got to play as loudly as possible. The lyrics are pretty catchy so, many apologies if it gets stuck in your head.

10. The Mute - Radical Face

There are times when we all just want to chill out, maybe lay on the grass and stare at the stars. This is a song for those moments. 

11. Heavy Metal and Reflective - Azealia Banks

She's baaaaaaack! When it comes to the rap game, I think this is the chick that the rest really need to watch out for.

12. I Am Not a Man - Lena Fayre

I love the lyrics in this track, I think the general mood of this song is why I picked it. I can't quite describe why it makes me feel this creepy kind of peaceful, but it does.

13. Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat's Heavenly House Mix) - Nina Simone

This song is obviously an oldie, but it's certainly a goodie. I was reminded of its existence while eating at a cafe in Westwood the other day, and the only thing I thought was, "CHIC" because that is exactly what this song is, chic!

14. Bones - Barnaby Saints

Southern inspired rock, mm mmmm good. When you feel like its a cross between, blues, country, and rock... You know you're golden.

15. Heartbeats Accelerating - Coeur De Pirate

This French doll has my heart, I love everything she's ever put her voice to. This song is from her newest album, which has a couple amazing covers on it as well.