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Last week I made the trek out to Cottonwood Heights to spend an evening with the band and brother trio, Golden Sun. On our way to their house, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. When I first arrived, everyone was outside on the back patio, barefoot, laughing, and helping themselves to a mixed drink in a mug. It was the cutest damn thing and to say the least, my kind of party.

Golden Sun consists of Chase, Jantzen, and Weston Meier. Every time I’ve seen this genetically blessed family play a set, I've been blown away. With their harder indie-rock sound and incredible live performances, there’s no way you won’t be hooked. I’m not sure what they’ve put in the water over at that house, but these guys know what they're doing. 

Once we got settled, they showed me to their jam space. With it’s hardwood floors, gorgeous equipment, and tapestry lining the wall, I’d never felt so at home. So there we were, cozy and quaint, tucked deep inside of Cottonwood Heights, talking with the boys about Golden Sun’s beginning, middle, and plans for the future. 

Ugly Mag: So all three of you are brothers. Has that been difficult for you as a band?
Chase Meier: “It’s the complete opposite.”

Wes Meier: “We’ve been playing together since we were very young. It’s been well over ten years now.”

Jantzen Meier: “It’s always been awesome and super easy. Every time we’ve had someone in the band that wasn’t a brother, not that they were ever an issue, but it’s more difficult.”


UM: So how did Golden Sun come together? You guys have had a few different people in the band with you, right?
JM: “We used to play a different sound of music. A lot more, I almost want to say, post-hardcore? (Laughing) It was a lot heavier rock music than what we do now. We decided we wanted to start an indie band because it was all that we were listening to at the time. The last band that we were all in, before Golden Sun, had just broken up. We started writing music and recorded an EP. That’s pretty much how it started and we went from there.”


UM: So how long has it just been you three?
CM: “Just about eight months.” 


UM: And you guys like it better this way?
WM: “It’s convenient because we all live together. (Laughing)”

JM: “We are all on the same page as far as the music we want to play and write. We work together really well because we are all working towards the same idea.”

UM: What music influences you guys the most?
CM: “Honestly, mostly 80’s music.”

WM: “Yeah, stuff like The Cure.”

JM: “Washed Out, Wild Nothing, Mac Demarco, Tame Impala, MGMT.”

CM: “Gardens and Villa too.” 


Ugly Mag: What does the writing process normally look like, especially as brothers?
JM: “As far as our writing process goes, it’s usually Chase and I sitting down and demoing things out on the computer. We write in the box. We don’t really get together to jam and write songs."

CM: “Each EP was written very differently. Our first EP, we wrote live. Since it’s just been the three of us in the band, we piece everything together on the computer.”

JM: “Doing it on the computer makes writing easier and harder at the same time. There is stuff that you can write on the computer that sounds really good and then when you try to play it live it just doesn’t flow. It also takes a really long time for us to write songs. We usually start writing a song and then completely forget about it for a few weeks. Then when we go back to it, we have fresh ears and ideas.”  


UM: I want to know more about your plans. You guys have two EPs out, what’s up next?
JM: “We haven’t released anything with our current line-up. We are planning on releasing a couple singles hopefully through Spotify and maybe ITunes. We are moving to LA in November and will try to get a full-length recorded during that time.”

WM: “We are kind-of in limbo between trying to do the album ourselves or having a label put it out for us. It all depends on what happens as far as offers go.”

JM: “Everything up until now has been recorded by us, here in this room.”

CM: “We have a bunch of new stuff we want to release, but we are playing it safe and waiting. Trying to shop around for labels before we make any decisions.”

WM: “If the right thing comes along, we will go with it. Seems exciting to keep doing it independently, but there are so many other things you have to deal with.”

UM: Who is your favorite local band A) to play with B) musically? 
JM: “I’ll tell you, my favorite band to play with is The North Valley, for sure.”

WM: “I have ties between my two favorites, Maer and Koala Temple. They are so sick.”

JM: “Musically, I really like Beachmen.”

CM: “Honestly, the two local bands that I love are Maer and The North Valley. I also like those Wildcat Strike guys.” 


UM: You guys just headlined a show a week ago with The North Valley and Maer at Kilby Court. Are you guys planning another big show before you leave?
CM: “Yeah! One of our bigger shows coming up is a Localizedshow at Urban Lounge.”


UM: Ugly Magazine wants to know what a typical Friday night looks like for Golden Sun?
WM: “Do you really want to know? (Laughing)”

CM: “If we are going to be honest, we usually get drunk and draw pictures. (Laughing) We try to go out sometimes.”

WM: “We do cool things every one in awhile. (Laughing) We just don’t mind being at home. Being at home is nice and easy.

If you get a chance, head on down to Urban Lounge for the Localized show on November 14th with Super 78 and Bronco. There are also rumors that The North Valley has teamed up with Golden Sun to write an EP together. That’s not something you want to miss out on! There are big things ahead for Golden Sun and I wish them nothing but the best. These guys deserve it.



Words by: Elaine Sayer (@laneysayer

Photos by: Brecken Jones (@lifelikefoto

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