Day 8 :: Turtle Dove

Cocktail :: 
Turtle Dove

"I'm sorry I ruined your lives and crammed eleven cookies into the VCR" ~ Buddy, Elf

Bar Tender :: 
Caleb Cannon (@wallfox) Beverage Consultant.

Ingredients ::
1.5 Bourbon (I used Sugar House Distillery)
1/2 Gosling Dark Rum
1/2 cold brew coffee concentrate (Blue Copper is what i used)
3/4 Bailey's Irish Cream
Home-made whip (heavy whipping cream, jar, shake until desired texture is achieved)
Cinnamon Garnish 

Process ::
Add all ingredients (except whip and cinnamon) to a shaking tin. Add ice. Shake and strain into desired glass. Add whip as a top layer (you can shake this ahead of time). Dust with cinnamon. Drink real fast.

All photos by Joey Jonaitis (@joeyjonaitis) with Studio Elevn (@studioelevn).