Day 10 :: Brass Rum Buck

Cocktail :: 
Brass Rum Buck
A makeover of the classic Buck recipe. This versatile formula can be made with any brown spirit - whiskey, cognac, grandpa’s scotch - and served hot or cold to match the season and your mood. For this holiday occasion, Ryan chose to go with dark and aged rum (which in spite of what you may think, is at least as American and Christmas as Miley Cyrus grinding Santa) 

"A gentle smile often breeds a kick in the pants." ~ Fred Astaire as Ted Hanover in Holiday Inn

Bar Tender :: 
Ryan Manning (@rhinomandingo) with Under Current Bar (@undercurrentbar) and Rye Diner & Drinks (@ryeslc)

Ryan continues to run the beverage program at local restaurant, Rye Diner & Drinks. He helped Amy Eldredge open Under Current where he is lead bartender today. He also consults and, beginning January, will be conducting spirit classes at Caputo’s.

Ingredients ::
1.5 oz aged rum(s) Ryan used Zaya and Pusser’s
.5 oz pineapple juice
.5 oz lime juice
2/3 oz cinnamon syrup*
cinnamon stick for garnish

Process ::Toast 3-4 cinnamon sticks by rolling them in a pan over medium heat until they begin to smoke. Add 2 cups sugar (preferably turbinado) and 2 cups water. While stirring, bring just to a light boil. Remove from heat and steep for at least 10 minutes and up to a couple hours - depending on desired strength. Remove sticks.

Ryan lit his on fire, because the Christmas tiki gods told him to. Grating cinnamon over flame toasts the spice for aromatics and effect. We do not advise or suggest you do so. Ryan is a professional something or other and fire is dangerous. If you choose to make Brass Buck with a different brown spirit, swap lime and pineapple juices for lemon and orange.


All photos by Joey Jonaitis (@joeyjonaitis) with Studio Elevn (@studioelevn).