Day 12 :: The Scrooge

Cocktail :: 
The Scrooge

"You're a hallucination brought on by alcohol; Russian vodka poisoned by Chernobyl!" ~ Frank, Scrooged

Bar Tender :: 
Shadna Aum (@uglyeditor (pictured)) with cocktail designed by Caleb Canon (@wallfox). Get this one at Under Current Bat (@undercurrentbar) in SLC.

Ingredients ::1 drop Chocolate Bitters
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
1/4 oz Demerara syrup
2 oz Beehive Distillery Barrel Aged Rum (@beehivedistillers)
Orange Twist

Process ::
Add ingredients into a DOB glass. Add a large cube of sphere of ice. Stir down. Add a twist of orange and drink liberally (but responsibly)

All photos by Joey Jonaitis (@joeyjonaitis) with Studio Elevn (@studioelevn).