Day 7 :: I Don't Know Margot

Cocktail :: 
I Don't Know Margot

"I don't know what to say, except it's Christmas and we are all in misery" ~ Ellen, Christmas Vacation

Bar Tender :: 
Crystal Daniels (@henny_dee) with UCB (@undercurrentbar) and Takashi

Ingredients ::
Grip of Lavender
6oz White Hot Chocolate
1.5 oz scotch
Marshmallows and a torch (careful). 

Process ::
Cook white hot chocolate (preferably made with coconut milk) with lavender on low heat for the duration of one glass of wine. Pour the amount of scotch you're comfortable with in the bottom of your fanciest coffee mug. Top with lavender hot chocolate. Float some torn up marshmallows, and torch to your hearts delight.  

All photos by Joey Jonaitis (@joeyjonaitis) with Studio Elevn (@studioelevn).