House Mix Monday // Saccao

Under the official category of Indie Dance and Nu Disco, Saccao was rated as number 28 on 2014's Top 100 Most Famous Producers and DJs Worldwide list. With that said, this Greece-native is not your average DJ/Producer under this house genre. He primarily mixes Deep House but he also dips into Tech House and G House - all of which you can hear in this Monday's mix of the week. I love this mix; it's super dancey, but it also has a driving-through-the-city-at-night vibe - a favorite of mine. 

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

In all honesty, the majority of Deep House is pretty cheesy but Saccao has mastered the sophisticated and dark side of Deep House, with just the right amount of feel-good vocals and night-drive-inspired drops. Showcased through Spirit Soul Records, the only thing this mix is lacking is a Monday mimosa. If that's not convincing enough, about halfway through we've got a little BeeGees feature, ergo it's definitely worth listening through and through. Cheers to Spring and a great start of the week! 

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Stay You, house heads.