Desert Hearts :: A Boutique Festival for the Spirited

banana suits. champagne. fur trench coats. performers. blinky lights. house and techno.

No, this is not your first New Year’s in Las Vegas. This is just a taste of what I experienced at my first Desert Heart’s music festival this last weekend in March. The San Diego based production company is the combination of lawless self-expression, house music, and undeniable love – a culture that I am delighted to have experienced. While there, I met the shiniest personalities, wore some awesomely random clothing, and danced my heart out to (arguably) the best sound system in the world. It is safe to say that Desert Hearts is more than just a camp-out-day-drink-stay-up-all-night hippie fest; it is a celebration of life through dancing and optimistic people.

Desert Hearts is a three day, 2,500 person gathering nestled on the beautiful Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, which is about two hours North of San Diego. During the day, the festival offered plenty of healing workshops, vendors, live artists, creative chill spots, and of course music to groove to. Which by the way, continuously played through the night - I'm talkin' 72 hours of straight house and techno. Plus all of the most fashion-forward hippies I've ever met. From sequins to kimonos to fur, the attendees at Desert Heart's totally stole their mother's 90's wardrobe, added a dash of Burningman and rocked it flawlessly. 

All in all, Desert Hearts is an experience I recommend to anyone who loves people and dancing. Check out their SoundCloud to see what you think - hope you dig it as much as I do. 

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All photography by Galen Oakes