HMM // Better Homes & Gardens + Eco

Welcome to Tech House: a melodic crossroads of Techno, and Deep House – a specialty of this week’s House Mix Monday feature DJs, Better Homes & Gardens (Tyler Smith) and Eco (Chad Wing). These two local DJs are quite familiar with the house scene in SLC, so we did a “shortnugly” to get the scoop on the music. 

Ugly: You two know the ins and outs of the Salt Lake house music scene, so tell us, what is the best kept secret here? 

  • Better Homes & Gardens: "Hands down the best-kept secret in the local house scene is New World Presents events. The whole vibe is great and they are doing it with love."
  • Eco: "What Tyler said! In my experience, the New World vibe can't be compared to any party in the Salt Lake scene. There are so many free spirits and care free attitudes on that dance floor. I love playing to that crowd. "

Ugly: What part of being house DJs brings you the most enjoyment?

  • Better Homes & Gardens: "My favorite part of playing house music is finding tracks that are stand-alone fantastic and seeing how they work together. In film making we use the term 'montage' to create symbolic meaning when the individual elements are presented as a grouping."
  • Eco: "The best part of being house DJ is...making bodies move for sure. I love seeing people let it all hang out to the music that I have chosen to play them. It's an unspoken connection that I don't see anywhere else. "

Ugly: Favorite track right now. Ready go. 

Among many other sub-genres of house music, Better Homes & Gardens and Eco have a particular affinity for sexy and melodic tech house. Featured this week is two of their best sets which showcase just that. 

Want more? Better Homes & Gardens and Eco are playing at Ugly's Spring Release Party on May 2nd at OP Rockwell. Tickets are still available, get yours here! See all you groovy bodies there. 

Until next Monday, Stay Ugly.