HMM // Deep Jesus

Deep Jesus.

Garbed in psychedelic harem pants and a lux floor length fur coat, Deep Jesus frequented the Favela Bar at Lightning in a Bottle last weekend with other Desert Hearts DJs. As his name indicates, Deep Jesus is the messiah of deep and articulate sounds combined with groovy basslines. Otherwise known as Ryan Orey, this LA native can often be found playing back to back with other Desert Hearts resident DJ, Marbs. Appropriately titled, the Men in Black, these two DJs I highly recommend investigating, as they bring the best vibes while DJing together.

Deep Jesus DJing at Desert Hearts

Deep Jesus DJing at Desert Hearts

This particular mix was my first introduction to Deep Jesus and even though it was released a year ago, it remains a favorite of mine. Produced through the Beat Soup podcast of Pocket Underground, this mix is laid-back and minimal, I’d even say relaxing, which is arguably the best way to start your Monday. Now, without further ado, I give you Deep Jesus.

Did any of you Uglies catch Deep Jesus DJ at Lightning in a Bottle? Let us know below!

Stay Ugly.