HMM // Deep House Cat Show

Welcome to the Deep House Cat Show, a free, international podcast that specializes in soul, funk, deep, and minimal house. Executive producers, DJ philE and Alex B. Groove have been DJing since the 80s and 90s (respectively) when the house scene was developing in Germany. Now based in Chicago, philE and Groove put out a podcast about once a week, usually featuring guest DJs from all over the world. 

This week's HMM features the Deep House Cat Show's 169th episode, the "Classic Mix" with DJ PhilE. It's groovy and laid back at first, then picks up about half way through with some progressive house. Side note, if you can make it through the first two minutes of the mix - you're a true house music fan. Hope you enjoy, Uglies! 

Any DJs that you would like to see featured on HMM? Tell us below! 

Stay You, Stay Ugly.