Milk & Bone #cartoonpenis

Ugly Mag // I first came across Milk & Bone while listening to Pandora Radio when the song Watch started playing and it was like, love at first note. It was earthly, had soul with hypnotic, whimsical beats that just carried me away. So to start off why the name Milk & Bone? I feel like creating the identity of your music is a huge thing?

Camille // I feel like starting a new band is just like creating your own company or even giving birth to a child. You have this opportunity to name this new project of yours however you want, and the name you choose will shape everything that happens afterwards. So when naming our band, it really happened naturally. We had a conversation about it and at a certain point, stumbled upon Milk & Bone. And when we did, we just knew that's what our journey was gonna be named.

UM // So your first EP has 5 debut songs and I felt like each song was a progression of different cycles in the dating phases, including all the feelings involved with it- love, jealousy, unfaithfulness, and romance. Was that your intention or am reading between the lines too much?

M&B // It wasn’t a conscious intention, but we always write about ourselves and events that have happened to us, so yes, the EP is pretty much a diary of our past 5 years. This is why it is called "Little Mourning". This is us sort of looking back and mourning our past relationships in a way.

UM // I know you are both from Canada and probably have super chill French accents, but how and where did you two meet? And how did your collaboration morph into what Milk and Bone is today?

Laurence // We met at music school and toured with a band together. Camille was a backing vocalist and I played the bass. This is where we got to know each other. We got used to singing together, building harmonies and making our voices work together. As for Milk & Bone, we simply started putting some musical ideas together for fun, because we liked singing together so much. We recorded our first song (New York) and when we released it on SoundCloud, people seemed to like it way more then we expected. So we kept going and here we are, we now have an EP that is available in Canada and the US. It’s pretty amazing.

UM // I think all artists have a really different creative process, like so and so does this. What things give you inspiration for your songs?

M&B // We are inspired by everything that happens to us. Writing for us is a great way to deal with the stuff that happens around us. Whether it's a bad relationship, a fight, some bad news we get, and so on.

UM // What’s the fashion scene like in Canada is it kind of mainstream or is there an eclectic vibe happening, and how would you say your style as duo fits with that?

Camille // We get a lot of our style inspiration online so I really couldn't tell you about what the fashion scene is like in Canada really. Personally I like a few local designers and creators but I mostly get my stuff from trips elsewhere and online obviously. We have very distinct personal styles but we usually wear black and/or white colors on stage. I personally only wear black.

UM // What does a typical day look like for you?

Laurence // Since the album has been out, our schedule has been pretty busy. There is no typical day honestly. The only thing that we can say is that we don’t get days off pretty often, we are working very hard! 

UM // There was a comment on your website where a fan raved about your electro-pop tunes, but she suggested an album release in French. Has that ever been an idea you guys have discussed actually doing, because that would be pretty amazing!

M&B // We do speak French, but we write in English instinctively. So that's what we do!

UM // It takes a lot of skill and practice to have that level of control in your voice let alone to harmonize as well as you both do so flawlessly it’s kind of insane. Are there days when your super in-sync and on the same track and others where you just can’t get on the same page ?

Laurence // Like everybody, some days our voices are stronger than others. But our ability to make our voices work together, we pretty much got that down. We sang together for so long now that we know exactly where the other will breathe or stop her sentence. It’s pretty magical how we can sometimes connect without even looking at the other when we sing.

UM // A lot of fans say Coconut Water is their favorite video and I have to admit the animations at the end are pretty mind blowing! I love that you can have this beautiful story of a boy crazy in love with a girl, and then throw in a cartoon penis! That’s art.

M&B // THANKS! We wanted to get crazy with the video for that song, glad you like it! #cartoonpenis

UM // My personal favorite is Watch which actually isn't available on YouTube. What’s the story behind those lyrics? 

Camille // Basically it's about some girl and her boyfriend. And he's being very jealous and dramatic and making her feel guilty about a bunch of things. This song is her way of telling him that she's not the source of the problem. He is.

UM // So I like to throw out random questions just for fun. Question number one: If you were hosting a dinner party and could invite only one guest from the Music Industry who would it be and why?

Laurence // I would probably invite Tyler The Creator, because I would want my dinner party to be crazy weird and fun.

Camille // Dinner party with only one guest? That doesn't sound like a lot of fun. So I'm gonna invite THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS. WHERE ARE THEY?! I MISS THEM!

UM // And if you were an article of clothing- what would it be?

Laurence // Probably a pair of sneakers… Like a pair of vans. Something relax and comfy I guess!

Camille // A Birkin.

We can't wait to see what this amazing duo accomplishes, so stay tuned for more Ugly news. In the meantime check out Milk & Bone singing Coconut Water (#cartoonpenis) in the video below. Stay true. Stay you. Stay Ugly!

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