Peace, Love, Haight

 Photography by  Steven Stone

Photography by Steven Stone

I cannot tell you how unbelievably thrilled I am to be able to share such a wicked company with the readers of Ugly right now. Initially I’d heard of them through my roommate, who had come in contact with them via Instagram. Soon after, she was working alongside them and couldn't say enough positive things about the people behind the magic that is Haight Ashbury Co. Not only do they make some artistically inspired shit, they themselves are artistically brilliant. Lucky for me I was able to meet and work with this team recently and now can completely say I miss each and every one of them and their genuinely good vibes on the regs.

The mixture of vintage elements with current pop culture is not something easily found when done well, but good news, Haight Ashbury has you covered. They captured that free-spirited, young, wild, and free vibe effortlessly and turned it into something magical. The clothing is all made in America and not only is it on point; it’s comfy as hell. You’ll want to wear their attire all day, every day. FACT.

They just dropped their first full men's and women's collection for Spring/Summer. This is their campaign and it’s nothing short of epic. I don’t doubt that you will agree with that statement, so here you go…see for yourself. This is “Born Losers”.

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