As warmth makes even glaciers trickle, and open streams in the ribs of frozen mountains, so the heart knows the full flow and life of its grief on when it begins to melt and pass away.
— Henry Ward Beecher
Melting by Stephen Lupsha 01

+ earth’s great ice sheets sprawl over Antarctica and Greenland, between them holding more than 99% of the world’s frozen fresh water.

Melting by Stephen Lupsha 03
Melting by Stephen Lupsha 04

+ we’ve put more than 500,000,000,000 tons of heat trapping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere since the industrial revolution.

Melting by Stephen Lupsha 05
Melting by Stephen Lupsha 06

+ the Greenland ice sheet alone holds enough frozen water to raise sea levels by 22 feet.

Melting by Stephen Lupsha 07
DSC06571-23.jpgMelting by Stephen Lupsha 08


Greenland is caught in a feedback loop, which accelerates the melting.

Melting by Stephen Lupsha 09
Melting by Stephen Lupsha 10

+ the melting of ice sheets could raise sea levels as high as 8.2 feet by the end of this century. 



Photographer Stephen Lupsha @stephenspicer
Creative Director Kaitlin Butler @kaitlinabutler
Models Ashley Espinoza @smash_meilai
HMUA Jillyn Leone Neslen @jillynleone

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