Seattle is not just known for bringing us the sweet sounds of grunge and warm flannel shirts that synced into our current music and fashion trends. It is also responsible for putting this electronic music duo on the very fast road to popularity. Let me introduce you to Odesza. Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight joined forces back in 2012. Their debut album, Summer Gone's was release in the same year and quickly won the hearts and ears of the underground electric music community.

Odesza's sophomore album, In Return, was released back in September and it's golden. With song like "Name" (Feat. Zyra) and "All We Need" (Feat. Shy Girls) it's easily become one of my favorite albums of 2014. 

Odesza is on the rise and if they come to a city near you, I suggest snagging a ticket to their amazing live performances as soon as possible. Why? Because they do sell out. Trust me, I learned the hard way.

Stay tuned for more updates in music and stay Ugly!

MusicBarby Garcia