Eliot Sumner

The sultry deep voice behind I Blame Coco is back, but this time she no longer hides behind her moniker. Eliot Sumner (website) is releasing a new album after a four year hiatus that mixes her synth pop beats with darker and more truthful vibe than before.  She started her career young, when she was just 17 with the release of her album The Constant.  

Eliot and her band just finished their first US tour and are now touring around the UK.  We were lucky catch them on their way through SLC at Kilby Court (link), an intimate venue consisting of a simple shack with an outdoor fire pit that gets you up-close with the visiting musical talent. No other place like it in the city.  

Here's an Ugly look at the concert that introduced us to Eliot Sumner. Enjoy!

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