The Kills  live performance at  Twilight Concert Series  Photography //  Armand Sanchez  @armandsanchez

The Kills live performance at Twilight Concert Series
Photography // Armand Sanchez @armandsanchez

You know how it sucks when you find out your favorite band has sold out? Gone corporate? Gave into “the man"? They don’t just do it for the music anymore, they start charging tons of money for a ticket to a show, they don’t reach out to the fans, etc. At Ugly, we hate that feeling too. So when The Kills, who played Salt Lake City’s Twilight Concert series recently, reached out and asked us if we would cover their show, we got really excited. Finally, a band that is still doing it for the right reasons!

If you have heard of The Kills before, then you know how awesome they are. If you haven’t heard them, stop reading this right now, pull up Spotify and crank up the volume, we’ll wait…

Got ‘em playing? Good.

So, The Kills are a rock duo comprised of  British Guitarist Jamie Hince, who goes by the stage name Hotel, and American singer Alison Mosshart, known as VV, and they’ve been putting out solid, edgy, guitar driven rock music for nearly 15 years now. If that amount of time in the music industry is usually a cause for concern when talking about a band, then consider The Kills the exception to the rule. For them the motivation is the same that it has always been: music, music, and more fucking awesome music.

As for the concert, well it’s not like you get invited to a show by the band everyday. Plus, they hooked us up with some “Guest of the Artist” passes, an open bar, and the chance to take some pretty exclusive photos. That’s some solid outreach to fans if you ask us. And on top of that, they fucking rocked their live show. Hard. What more can you ask for?

When a band has been around this long you tend to worry that they have lost touch with what made them great in the first place, but with The Kills, it’s given them a larger stage to reach out from. They haven’t lost touch at all. In fact, over here at Ugly Mag we aren’t hesitating to say they are doing a damn fine job. Here’s hoping to see them again sooner rather than later!

Rock on and stay Ugly.