All cities do face similar, significant trends in the future... most importantly global warming and climate change.
— Cate Blanchett


#uglyfacts is a series of photographs that explores the direct and indirect impacts of climate change juxtaposed against traditional fashion narratives. The vision of kaitlin butler, this experiment is encountering the present moment of global change and extreme weather from the cumulative effect of neglect and expressing that through art and science.

Meera Subramanian wrote recently in The Age of Loneliness, “...something gravely important had gone missing. Something related to reverence—to holding on to the ineffable wonder of what already is, caring for what little remains, being cognizant of how quickly we’re losing it...we need to remember what besides technological worship drops us to our knees."

It is the purpose and intent of Ugly Magazine and our collaborators (artists, designers, stylists and models) to deliver a message of facts, hope and inspiration that work together to counterbalance our negative impact with positive actions. We are excited to share this series with you as it's something that is precious to us. 

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A Note from the Creator

Sometimes we rage because the work we choose is belittled and banished. Sometimes we giggle because they call us “radical” when all we wanted was to be scientists.

Sometimes we cry because we just don’t know if things will be alright for future generations. 

Yet, we’ve found something precious on our path; real tangible hope for a better world. And we will not apologize for that. Not for the rage, the laughter or the tears. As eco-philospher Joanna Macy has said, "The most radical thing any of us can do at this time is to be fully present to what is happening in the world." (link). The price of that admission, some say, is allowing your heart to break. We've got grit and grace, babies! We'll take our open broken hearts and keep going to leave this world better for us and the generations to come. 


kaitlin butler



As of this writing, we are aware of the tremendous damage that the 2017 hurricane season is having on the lives of people caught in the devastating paths of Harvey, Irma, Jose, Katia and Maria. These storms are the strongest on record and arguably signal a trend to stronger storms due to climate change. We encourage all viewers to donate what they can to the American Red Cross to support their efforts to provide relief for the victims of these hurricanes. 


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